High Performance Code and Data Lab (HPCD Lab)

We are a team of computer scientists passionate about cloud and data centres efficiency.

We share our expertise to optimize your cloud computing costs – creating huge savings for your organisation.

At HPCD Lab, we create Value for each and every customer removing unnecessary spending and optimising key resources. Having security, stability and performance as the benchmark of HPCD Lab standards, we create strategies that reduce the cost through continuous cloud monitoring. 

Our company is based in Hong Kong, and currently consists of 7 people. We’re a truly international team, hailing from Russia, China, Ukraine, US,  and Canada.

Let’s show the world how it should be.

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Email: info@hpcdlab.com
Phone: +86 156 02 9691 72

Address: 2/F MW Tower, 111 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong


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